Gram for Gram, this Little Known Food is a Powerhouse!

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Health concerns? Not getting the nutrition you need? Gram for gram, Moringa is a powerhouse.  Drink it, cook and bake with it, or put it in capsules. Make sure the vitamins and minerals you get are bio-available. My preference is that I get them through whole foods, not synthetic preparations. And make sure your Moringa is pure and from a trusted source. I trust Blue Yonder Urban Farms for my powdered moringa and plants. I am not an affiliate, or paid to say this, I just love their products and the care Karen takes of her customers.

Want more information about Moringa? Click here for a great infographic.

Take Moringa in Capsules

Can’t find a consistent way to get enough moringa in your diet? Besides using it in drinks, soups or baked goods, perhaps you would like to also take it in capsule form. Making your own capsules is not hard at all. I use a capsule filler, which saves lots of time. Use the “00” size capsules, and get your capsule machine here, just type “capsule machine” in the search bar. For under $14.00, it pays for itself quickly. You can use either vegi caps or gelatin caps. This way you know that your are supplementing with high quality, fully bio-available whole food, and you know exactly what is in your capsules.

Don’t forget, you can fill your capsules with other dried whole foods to supplement your diet too. Who can find consistent ways to get turmeric or cinnamon into their diet? Capsules are the perfect way to make sure you are getting enough of what you need. More on this later.

Grow Your Own

Oh, and while I’m at it, I’d like to show you my Tree4Webone-year old moringa tree that was shipped to me two weeks ago. When I got it it was completely bare; no leaves, roots trimmed. If I hadn’t known better I would have thought it was done for. But look at it now! I just love watching things grow. In fact, I get downright excited about it. I’m not an experienced gardener, but I am learning. Slowly but surely. And the best part is that I am on my way to harvesting my own Moringa on a regular basis. (Patience, Stephanie, patience!) When I do harvest, I will post more about dehydrating and powdering the leaves, and also using them in other ways.

Full disclosure: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. When you click on them your cost to purchase will not change at all, but I will receive a small amount for sending your business their way. This helps support this blog. Thank you!



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